Big Mood review: Available now on My4

1 April 2024
Big Mood ReviewBig Mood: Comedy starring Nicola Coughlan and Lydia West.Picture: Channel 4
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Big Mood Review: A Raw and Relatable Look at Mental Health

Big Mood, the new Channel 4 comedy-drama starring the brilliant Nicola Coughlan, is a refreshingly honest portrayal of modern life entangled with the struggles of mental health. Coughlan shines as Maggie, a woman navigating her late twenties while grappling with bipolar disorder.

Coughlan slipping into her authentic Galway accent is a pure delight. It adds a layer of warmth and genuineness to her character, making Maggie feel grounded and real. Big Mood doesn’t shy away from the raw realities of mental illness, portraying Maggie’s highs and lows with equal earnestness. The show bravely depicts the confusion, uncertainty, and at times, the utter despair that accompanies mental health conditions.

Despite the heavy subject matter, Big Mood maintains a thread of humor through the incredibly relatable friendship between Maggie and Eddie (Lydia West). Their bond feels authentic, showing how even the strongest friendships can strain under the weight of mental illness. Eddie is an endearing character. We witness her struggles to support Maggie, alongside her frustration at times, making her response feel human. It’s hard not to cheer when she finally stands up to her overbearing mother.

Big Mood is a testament to the power of female friendship and resilience in the face of adversity. Nicola Coughlan’s natural comedic timing, expertly balanced with emotional depth, makes this a series you’ll want to binge in one sitting. While at times difficult to watch, Big Mood’s honesty and heart ultimately make it a rewarding and profoundly relatable watch.

Where to Watch: 

All 6 Episodes of Big Mood are available now on My4.

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