The Ultimate Self-Care Checklist

31 March 2024
Choose the path that leads to wisdom

The Ultimate Self-Care Checklist: 50 Ways to Treat Yourself (Because You Deserve It!)

Self-care gets talked about a lot, but let’s be honest – it’s easy to forget to prioritise yourself. This self-care checklist is your reminder that treating yourself well doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. It’s about those small acts that recharge your mind, body, and spirit.

Mindful Moments

  1. 10 minutes of pure silence – no phone, no distractions.
  2. Practice gratitude: Write down 3 things you’re thankful for.
  3. Set one achievable goal for the day and celebrate hitting it.
  4. Try a guided meditation app (even for just 5 minutes).
  5. Unfollow any social media accounts that bring you down.
  6. Read an inspiring book or listen to an uplifting podcast.
  7. Learn something new – a 10-minute language lesson, a quick tutorial.
  8. Journal your thoughts without judgement, just let it flow.

Recharging Your Body

  1. Take a long, luxurious bath or shower.
  2. Go for a walk in nature, even if it’s just around the block.
  3. Dance like nobody’s watching (because they aren’t!).
  4. Try some gentle stretching or yoga.
  5. Diffuse calming essential oils (lavender is a classic).
  6. Make a nourishing, colourful meal that makes you feel good.
  7. Give yourself a hand or foot massage.
  8. Get the sleep you need – early night, guilt-free!

Acts of Kindness (To Yourself & Others)

  1. Tell yourself something you’d say to a good friend.
  2. Send a “just because” text to someone you love.
  3. Do a random act of kindness for a stranger.
  4. Forgive yourself for a past mistake.
  5. Donate to a cause you believe in.
  6. Leave a positive review for a local business.
  7. Volunteer your time, even for an hour.

Simple Pleasures

  1. Make your favourite hot drink and savour it slowly.
  2. Light a scented candle and just relax.
  3. Watch a funny film or standup comedy.
  4. Get lost in a creative hobby – drawing, writing, music.
  5. Put on comfy clothes and do absolutely nothing.
  6. Buy yourself a fresh bouquet of flowers.
  7. Take a nap without setting an alarm.
  8. Spend time with a furry friend (yours or a borrowed one!).
  9. Rewatch an old favourite film for pure nostalgia.

…And Beyond

  1. Take a full day off social media.
  2. Book a massage or any pampering treatment.
  3. Plan a mini getaway, even a day trip somewhere new.
  4. Say “no” to something you genuinely don’t want to do.
  5. Start that project you’ve been putting off.
  6. Redecorate a corner of your home to make it more joyful.
  7. Hire a cleaner for a day, just because.
  8. Book a therapy session if there’s something deeper to work through.
  9. Spend time with people who fill your cup, not drain it.
  10. Sign up for a class that sparks your curiosity.
  11. Make a list of your strengths to boost your confidence.
  12. Splurge on something you’ve been wanting (within reason!).
  13. Go for a scenic drive or bike ride.
  14. Watch the sunrise or sunset, just for the beauty of it.
  15. Stargaze and ponder the vastness of the universe.
  16. Make a ‘happy memories’ photo album.
  17. Remind yourself how far you’ve come.
  18. Acknowledge that you are worthy of care and happiness.

Remember: Self-care isn’t selfish. It’s how we stay strong to show up for ourselves and others. Pick a few things from our self-care checklist or use it as inspiration for your own!